Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer

About skin cancer: Non-Melanoma

Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer is a cancer disease that begins in a particular kind of skin cells. To know about the disease, it is important knowing what type of skin one has.

Skin Type:

Normal Skin:

In the human body, normal skin is one of the largest organs. This skin performs several functions.

  • Within the body, the skin safeguards and covers the organs
  • Helps in preventing germs entering the organs
  • Maintain temperature of body
  • Helps in holding the water and essential fluids
  • Lets the body to create Vitamin D
  • Act a protective layer to keep body away from harmful ultraviolet rays

There are three layers of skin present from outside to inside. Their names are as follows:

  • Epidermis
  • Dermis
  • Subcutis

Epidermis is the topmost layer of the skin that prevents the deeper skin layers and organs from germs. This skin layer guards the other skin layers. The lowest layer of the epidermis is created from the basal cells. These cells build a protein known as keratin formed by splitting of cells to create keratinocytes. The protein formed let the skin safeguarding the body against harmful diseases like Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer .

The outmost part of the epidermis is known as the horny layer or stratum corneum. This part is formed by the dead keratinocytes that get shed out when the new cells are formed. The cells present in this layer are known as the squamous cells.

In the epidermis, another type of cell is present known as lemanocyte. This cell is responsible in the making of brown pigment named melanin. Melanin makes the skin tan and gets its brown color. It protects the skin from sunburn.

The epidermis gets separated from the other deeper skin layers with a layer of basement membrane. This basement membrane plays an important role in protecting the skin from Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer by acting as barrier when the disease reaches it advanced stage.

About Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer :

Non-Melanoma is type of skin cancer that originates at first in the melanocytes. As a result of cells making the melanin, the tumors of melanoma are also brown or black in color. It is not possible to have same colors, as sometimes these colors changes to tan, white or pink. Melanoma occurred on the trunk in men whereas women mostly get its on legs, but this may occur in other parts too. People who have dark skin are rarely prone to this disease.

Other types of skin cancers:

The skin cancer apart from Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer also exists that combine together into non-melanoma skin cancers as they begin from skin cells rather than melanocytes. This type of Skin Cancer includes both the squamous cell and basal cell cancers. They are more common than Non-Melanoma type of cancer. The reason behind it is that the squamous and basal cell could occur in other parts of body and gets treated using different methods. Cancer caused by these cells does not need to be worry much. To know more about it read the Skin Cancer: Basal and Squamous Cell documents.

Skin tumors that are actually not cancer.

Most of the people suffer from skin tumors that are not cancer. Some of them are:

  • Seborrheic keratoses – black, brown or tan color spots having rough surface or waxy texture.
  • Hemangiomas – emerge as blood vessel that are typically known as the port wine stains or strawberry spots
  • Lipomas – it results from fat cells soft growth
  • Warts – it is a rough surface growth that appears due to virus
  • Moles (also known as nevi) – benign skin tumors that begin from melanoma
  • Spitz nevus – a kind of skin tumor looks like melanoma certain times.
Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer
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