Metastatic Melanoma

Today people suffer mostly by a common type of skin cancer known as  Metastatic Melanoma that occurs due to Neoplastic transformation of melanocytes. The tumor reaches next stage of treatment and prognosis after getting confirmed by the histopathology diagnosis.

The level of the disease is then identifying by the two staging systems. The Stage I and Stage II defines the local metastases. On the other hand, Stage III defines the existence of the local metastases and Stage IV defines the distant metastases.

Metastatic Melanoma Prognosis/Diagnosis

If a patient suffers from distant metastatic disease, then there is no such outcome depending on the sex, age, level, primary site, ulceration and thickness. An important factor to consider when a patient suffers from distant metastases is that if a patient has a single or more than one organ sites affected from this disease.

Identification of the organ sites is an important factor considered beforehand that would help in determining the possible outcome of the disease in a patient. If these factors were determined at the beginning then also the survival chances between a good prognosis and bad prognosis differs by few months.

The patients who have Metastatic Melanoma skin cancer in one organ site have got better prognosis than other patients suffering from metastases in more than one organ site.  One should take care that a patient having single metastases does not mean that they have only a single metastasis; such patients could also bear the risk of having multiple lesions in a single site. The survival period among the patients depends upon the metastasis in organ sites.

The patients having a single site survives up to seven months those live for four months having two organ sites and the last survives for only two months having more than two organ sites. The survival rates for one year with single metastatis site are 36 %, with two organ sites are13% and 1% for more than one organ site.

After knowing the organ sites number, an important factor to concern is the location of metastases. The patients having single organs sites have their lungs, lymph nodes, subcutaneous tissues and skins mostly affected. Such people have a better survival rate compare to other organ sites. Those patients who suffer from pulmonary metastasis have got the longest survival period of 11 months, but this disease is found only in 11% people. The relapse common organ sites are the lymph nodes, subcutaneous tissues and the skin. There is no different between visceral and non-visceral results except their classifications. Patients having both of them will have a poor prognosis.

Treatment of Metastatic Melanoma

A large number of the medical series have presented that survival of 2-3 % patients who have been treated. The surgical number shows 6% survival rates, however patients who have undergone the surgical treatment shows good prognostic factors. This result shows that most patients have single organ site. However, surgery is not the option for patients having more than one organ sites.

There are only limited options available for the treatment of metastatic melanoma. The advanced treatment includes chemotherapy combination or single-agent chemotherapy. One some chemotherapeutic has found the treatment for this tumor.

Metastatic Melanoma
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