Melanoma Tumor

Human skin contains cells known as melanocytes and this is the place where a very severe cancer disease is caused known as Melanoma Tumor .  The Melanoma Tumor can be caused not only in skin cells but it can be present in the eyes also. Melanin which gives color to human skin is made by melanocycte cells and produces more melanin when comes in sunlight making the skin darker. These melanocytes when receives excess UV radiation from sunlight or other source can become cancerous and this state is known as melanoma.

This cancer becomes more severe if the Melanoma Tumor cells moves from their original place to tissues of other body parts and it has been this condition which is the cause of most of the deaths. Doctors are still to find out if the tumor which is new remains as it is or makes its way to other body parts.

Studies have found out that it can be happening to recognize those genes which can help the tumor to metastasize. So doctors tested the technique and were able to find out six such genes which were able to cause cancer as well as facilitate metastasis. Among these found genes is the ACP5 which can tell beforehand, if the Melanoma Tumor are going to spread to others areas of the body or not. 

Doctors say that the melanomas which are at an early stage are treated by removal but there is a percentage of such patients who are considered cancer free after the surgery gets it back through  metastatic. So the surgeons are searching for a way through which genetic events can be helpful in telling about the patients who are at a higher risk for metastasis. Therefore the finding of these genes is being considered as a great achievement as now identification of new tumors which are going to spread can be done through development of prognostic tests and thereafter can be given proper treatment.

These tumor cells require some capabilities to survive and become metastatic like they have to break free, they have to get entry into the bloodstream and exit through the blood, they have to go on to distant tissues of the body and have to develop, increase and draw on a blood supply. All these skills occur along with the genes change that make genes switch off and on.

Earlier doctors were of the opinion that the possibilities of malignance is received by cancer cells slowly but the recent findings that genetic elements of metastasis is acquired by some cells at a beginning stage has overturned it. This has made doctors capable of finding the genes which are going to be metastatic in the beginning stage of the Melanoma Tumor helping them to treat it at the starting age.

Doctor Chin along with other doctors has made a study on two groups of mice. These mice were genetically engineered and one has never becoming metastatic Melanoma Tumor and the other having Melanoma Tumor which always become metastatic. And when both of  Melanoma Tumor were scanned by the doctors to see the genetic differences it was found that there are genes numbering 360 whose activity was changed noticeably in both the metastatic group as well as the non-metastatic group.

Melanoma Tumor
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