Melanoma Skin Cancer

As skin cancers are of different types, one that is highly dangerous is Melanoma Skin Cancer. It even leads to death in most of the cases. This cancer could even occur at the red color portion of the eye. To know about it more, read melanoma of the eye.

Cause, occurrence and danger factors

The Melanoma Skin Cancer occurs due to changes found in the melanocytes cells. These cells develop a skin pigment known as the melanin. This melanin gives color to hair and skin. The cell gets its existence on normal skin or rise as a mole or in other body parts. It keeps on changing its looks. Some birth moles later on develop into melanomas.

Melanoma Skin Cancer differs into four categories:

  • Superficial spreading melanoma lies among the common type of skin cancer. This skin cancer has irregular color or shape. The shades also changed into brown and black color.
  • Nodular melanoma skin cancer occurs as a raised area that differs in color. Its color varies as dark bluish red or dark blackish blue. Some even don’t have any color.
  • Lentigo maligna Melanoma Skin Cancer is elder among all present. This causes when the skin remains exposed to sunlight regularly.
  • Acral lentiginous Melanoma lies as the least known cancer. This cancer could be found on soles, palms and under nails.

As Melanoma is not common as other skin cancer, but it rates were continuously increasing.

People could suffer from this skin cancer due to following reasons:

  • Have green or blue yes, red hair or fair skin
  • Stays at higher altitudes or in sunny climate
  • Skin remains exposed to sunlight for a long time
  • Had sunburn during childhood time
  • Usage of tanning equipments



1.   Melanoma Skin Cancer has the common signs of the moles, lump or sores.


2.   Some of its symptoms according to ABCDE system are:

Asymmetry: half area differs from another half body area.

Borders: irregular edges growth.

Color: Body area colors changes having red, tan or brown shades.

Diameter: Spot diameter could be around 6 mm.

Evolution: Look of mole is not fixed.

Appearance and test:

The people showing signs of Melanoma Skin Cancer were checked by a doctor. They usually examine the skin color, texture, shape and size.

If doctor found any cancer symptoms, then a small skin is cut and examined under the microscope for the confirmation of disease.


Surgery has been considered to cure Melanoma Skin Cancer. In this surgery, infected skin is cut and removed. However, the treatment becomes complicated when the cancer reaches other body organs. It becomes difficult to cure at such time. The treatment involves:

  • Chemotherapy: If melanoma gets spread or had returned then medicines were given to kills the cancer cells.
  • Immunotherapy: Medicines like interlukin or interferon let the immune system fighting against caner cells.
  • Radiation treatments: This treatment is done when the cancer has spread causing pain.
  • Surgery: Surgery takes place when cancer spreads to other body parts.


The condition of the patient getting well depends how earlier cancer has been detected or how far it has spread. At an early stage, some melanoma could be cured.

Those melanomas that have deep root have the chances of returning back. If it is deeper than 4 mm, then it has chances of spreading in other organs.


Melanoma spreads to other body organs rapidly. Its treatment could also result in side effects like nausea, pain and fatigue.

Call a Doctor:

Consult doctor whenever the sign of cancer is noticed.


The best ways to avoid getting skin cancer are as follows:

  • Apply sunscreen that blocks UVB and UVA light.
  • Use sunscreen having sun protection factor.
  • Apply sunscreen during winter too.
Melanoma Skin Cancer
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