Malignant Melanoma Treatment

Most of the doctors will recommend you the different Treatment of Malignant Melanoma which is depending upon the different stages of this disease. Flowing are the disease stages and its treatment:

Nil Stage

Nil stage of Malignant Melanoma is that stage where melanomas are not grown to the deep of epidermis. Surgery is the best option to remove this, and it carries ½ cm or 1/5 inch of skin. When it occurs on sensitive part of face, imiquimod (i.e. aldara) drug containing lotions may use by doctors.

Fist Stage

First Stage of Malignant Melanoma is treated by the surgery in which some part of normal skin may also be removing. The removal of skin depends on the thickness of Malignant Melanoma. This varies from 1 – 2 cm of melanoma and more than 2 cm. The more width of the disease, the more risk of life endanger.

A sentinel lymph node biopsy is a treatment specially used by doctors when melanoma when it is about to spread to the lymph nodes or it is reaching to stage IB.

Second stage

The best Malignant Melanoma Treatment of the second stage is wide excision for 1-2 mm thick Malignant Melanoma, and 1-2 cm normal skin margin will also be removed in addition.2 Cm of normal skin can also be removed when the tumor is 2mm thick.

As it is had a characteristic of spreading through the lymph nodes near it. This option is commonly discussed between doctors and the Malignant Melanoma diseased clients.

Whereas in some cases, (where tumor is about to cross a limit of 4 mm or if there is cancer in lymph node) an additional therapy is been advised by the doctors after the surgery to prevent it. Some other drugs and medicines may also be advised for the precaution of reoccurrence of Malignant Melanoma.

Third Stage

Adjuvant therapy along with interferon may help in for short out the problem of the third stage patient who takes Malignant Melanoma Treatment. Cancer may cought the lymph node when diagnosis happen on Lymph node analysis is necessary at the third stage, also; the additional exercise given in a second stage is required.

Normally the removal of all the Malignant Melanoma is possible. However, in case several are not removed, BCG injections or interleukin-2 was directly in to melanoma or topical immunotherapy can also be the best options.

Fourth stage

Fourth stage of Malignant Melanoma is very painful for patients. Its usual to remove the Malignant Melanoma, if it is on any part except face. Sometimes Metastases type of internal organ can also be removed, depending on quantity of tumor, its location, and how they cause symptoms. Metastases shows symptoms but not removed by surgery may be treated by the radiation or chemotherapy. In which Ipilimumab (Yervoy), a “new drug” is been used. It Shrink this type of cancer may affect temporary for the time of 3 to 6 month of time by which cancer grew again.

Many of the patients are not satisfy with the treatment of the fourth stage, and in result, they have to survive for the long time even after the diagnosis.

Malignant Melanoma Treatment
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