Malignant Melanoma Symptoms

Any part of the body can have Malignant Melanoma, but the main areas where they can occur is the place where the skin comes in direct contact with the sun. Parts like arms, legs, and face can have Malignant Melanoma problems. On the other hand, it can also happen in places that have no or little exposure with the sun.

Body parts like hand palms, feet soles, and few other areas are more prone to Malignant Melanoma Symptoms. Melanomas can commonly happen to people that have dark skin. They do not always happen with a mole. Normal skin can also have melanoma related problems.

Mentioned below are some Malignant Melanoma Symptoms:

  • Changes in the mole that already exists.
  • Growth of a weird or a different kind of skin surface.

Types of moles

Normal moles: These are moles that have a uniform black or brown color. There is a distinctive border that separates the surroundings of the skin from the mole. People can have minimum 10 and maximum 40 moles.

Unusual moles: This type of moles has characteristics that indicate skin cancer and Malignant Melanoma Symptoms that follow the guide of a famous American Dermatology. The theory gets the name A-B-C-D-E in which A represents the asymmetrical shapes of moles. B represents the irregular mole border as well as scalloped and notched borders of the moles. C represents the changing colors that appear during the growth of a mole. D stands for the diameter of a mole.

Last is E that represents the evolution of a mole. This involves the evolution or growth of a mole. Moles can also show new symptoms and signals of their evolution. These signals can be bleeding or itchiness on the area surrounding the mole. Different types of changes occur in a mole, and some of them include itchiness, pigmentation in the area surrounding the mole, bleeding, and few others.

Melanomas that are hidden

Body parts or areas that do not come in sun’s exposure can lead to causing Malignant Melanoma. These areas include hand palms, scalp, feet soles, and few others. Such melanomas fall in the category of hidden melanomas. They get this name because they usually occur in places where no keeps a check. Malignant Melanoma are a lot likely to occur in hidden areas in skin with a dark appearance.

Places that can be affected by hidden melanomas:

  • Malignant Melanoma that occurs in nails can be referred to as subungual melanoma. It is a rare form of Malignant Melanoma that appears inside a nail or on the feet and hands. This kind of melanoma happens more on people that have pigmentation in the skin or on dark skin surfaces.
  • Mucosal Melanoma is a problem that develops in places like the tract for digestion, mouth, urinary tract, and few other places. It is a difficult task for a person to detect these kinds of melanoma symptoms, because a wrong identification can lead to other problems.
  • Ocular melanoma or eye melanoma is a kind of Malignant Melanoma Symptoms that happens on the uvea in the eye. Uvea is a layer of the sclera. This type of melanoma can result in changes in the vision level of the eyes.
Malignant Melanoma Symptoms
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