Dermatology Skin Care : Fragrance Free Products

In our youth we are little careless about certain things about our skin and are ready to put anything we think suitable on our skin and it all shows their effects that time but as the time passes by we start needing a better care for our skin because our skin starts showing aging signs.

As the age passes by the skin becomes thinner and also drier. For this a proper skin care is very essential and dermatologists recommend change in skin care to soothe the skin as wrinkles and fine lines will become more clear because of dry air. Following the recommendations of dermatologists these types of problems can be overcome.

The first thing suggested is a proper bath, not in that sense but with certain effective steps. Always have a regular bath which helps in retaining moisture in the skin but the duration of the bath must not be too long as it can bring dryness in the skin. A 5 to 10 minutes bath can be effective.

The water to be used for bathing must not be hot it should be warm because the hot one is going to remove natural oils of the skin more which in turn speed up the drying of the skin. Use of a mild fragrance-free cleanser will be very good in comparison to the deodorant soaps and other alcohol containing products which also take away natural oils of the skin.

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While taking a bath it is good to keep the door closed for retaining humidity. After the bath pat the skin dry and do not rub your towel on your body then after if you are going to apply moisturizer do it within 3 minutes of bath as it can be really helpful in trapping water in your skin. Also the more your skin dry the more beneficial it is for your skin to use moisturizer regularly on your skin. When it comes to using external material over the skin it is much better to use ointments and creams in comparison to lotions also dry skin may find them less irritating.

At the time of selecting moisturizers try to be cost-effective, but look for the ingredients present in it. Like lactic acid, hyaluronic acid, dimethicone, glycerin, lanolin, mineral oil, and petroleum jelly are such elements very beneficial for skin. These are the one which should be looked for in, but there are also some which should be looked for to avoid them like retinoids or alpha-hydroxy acid contained anti-aging items.

Fragrant soaps, deodorants and all such products having high fragrance can irritate the dry and sensitive skin and on the other hand the mild fragrance one keeps the skin in a better condition. You can also use a humidifier for the environment around you to add moisture to the air. Be selective for cloth material because using rough materials can make dry skin irritate and become more problematic. Also take special care of your hands, wear sunscreen and care your lips with a lip balm.

Dermatology Skin Care : Fragrance Free Products
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